Yeddo Geen, and more…

5 May

Eden continues to amaze me with how quickly she learns new words and ideas. It’s really astounding (and I am sure this is inherent in any child’s rapid development but as her mom, I am in awe). I’d say she learns at least one word a day now. As I was just putting dinner on the table (a lovely “Lemon Quinoa Cilantro Chickpea Salad” – not creatively named, but tasty), Eden had climbed up into her high chair and buckled herself in. I called over to Matt, saying “Hun, dinner’s ready.”

Immediately, Eden called out “Hun!” and began referring to her dad as “Hun”. She has also called him Matt before, but it usually doesn’t last for too long before she switches back to “Dah-ee.” She has also learned some words and signs for colors, but I’m not sure that she really knows which is which? Still, she seems to be rather obsessed with yellow and green, and this afternoon was happily walking around saying “yeddo geen! yeddo geen!” and carrying around a yellow tube and a green tube from the large xylophone her grandpa got her for Christmas…

Eden and her xylophone

She can also just say “yeddo” and “geen” by themselves, but somehow they seem to be somewhat paired in her mind. Similarly, she likes mah-ee and dah-ee. Not us as people (well, okay, I hope us as people as well…) but pointing out what belongs to whom. (I find it additionally hilarious that the way she says “Mommy” is almost exactly like she’s referring to Mahi-Mahi  tuna) “Dah-ee cashee” (Daddy’s coffee); “Mah-ee keys!” (Mommy’s keys); even to the point of now knowing that Mommy’s towel is on the right, and Daddy’s is on the left. (Well, sometimes she gets mistaken, but still) And they’re both a yellow-green (they used to be green but they’re almost 4 years old now, so… ;) so that really gets her excited.

Recently, Eden learned how to climb under the top sheet on her pack n’ play thanks to having done so with a friend at her friend’s house… which led to her figuring out that there is an entire layer to remove. This new understanding of her pack n’ play led to multiple dismantlings and missed naps… and thus, a new bed! We got her a crib/toddler-bed that we figure allows us flexibility as to whether it might be used for the expected baby or for her, or maybe both. She had so much fun testing out the beds and cribs at IKEA and we were happy that the one we liked best also seemed to be the one she gravitated towards the most. Once home and built, the bed was placed in the same location her pack n’ play had been and she was elated. She played “night night” over and over again in it – both pretending to go to sleep (for about 10 seconds, of course) and helping her baby dolls to go to sleep.

Playing “night night”

It was a relief to us that she seems to be so easily adjusting to a new bed, and happy with it.

She looks so small in this new, big bed!

She continues to be enamored of babies – of my belly, of our friend’s newborn Adelyn, and of any other baby she encounters as well as her baby dolls. This morning, she put her baby in her high chair and then changed her mind. She put the baby on the floor, climbed into her high chair and buckled herself in, and then asked for an apple. I peeled an apple and gave it to her, and she happily munched on the apple while taking breaks to lean forward and offer the apple to the baby, making little snacking sounds to pretend that the baby was eating it. She’d smile and then continue eating the apple, and offer it up again to the doll. I love that she’s sharing of her own initiative – even with a doll – but I also hope she won’t be shoving little bits of apple into her baby sibling’s mouth every time I turn my head ;)

She’s been wanting to read what feels like a thousand books a day (not necessarily new books, but just repeating about 10 of them)… and has a new found love of Clifford the Big Red Dog who she simply calls “Puppy!” We only have one Clifford book, about his wanting to cool off in the water – at a big pool, and then at the beach. Her favorite part of the book is when Clifford jumps in and we say “SPLASH!”

She has been tooting up a storm (yes, that’s what we have chosen to taught her instead of “fart”), which admittedly still makes me laugh. She also has been drinking like crazy, necessitating many a diaper change. She adores soy milk and most non-dairy milks (which means her bottles are usually equal parts water and soymilk – thanks to Mom and Dad), as well as juice (also cut with water) and occasionally just water (though she prefers sparkling hahaha probably since her mom and dad do, too)…

And I’m pretty sure we need to potty train her. She’s clearly very eager to learn and has been initiating trying for a while now. So, I’m trying to figure out a good time to train her intensely before the baby arrives. Fingers crossed that we can pull it off…

Well, time for Eden to go to bed (later than usual) and thus time for me to stop writing and care for her. Farewell for now!

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